The flexible solution
Heating, cooling and external cylinder management are built into this highly integrated solution

Clausius Classic

The Clausius Classic heat pump range can be tailored to meet specific customers requirements. A low operating sound and a small footprint combined with a high level of integration enables installation in almost any domestic, commercial or industrial environment. Models from 1-10kW*, 3-15kW and 5-25kW provide perfect economics in buying and running costs for any building size.

Domestic, commercial and industrial customers can all benefit from this technology to generate RHI income.

The full classic product range is MCS certified.

1-10kW*, 3-15kW and 5-25kW

*Online listing is pending

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Highly integrated, super efficiency

The heat pump has all ancillary equipment built in and operating to maximise comfort and efficiency simultaneously.

Our heat pump specialists integrate the products to provide you with a better level of comfort for sustainable, low running costs.

Download a copy of the technical manual below.

CLAUSIUS Technical Manual

Highest possible ratings

Industry leading ratings in all classes, please download a copy below.

classic H 3-15 classic H 5-25 classic HC 3-15 classic HC 5-25

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