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Domestic, Commercial or Industrial Installations

Whether it is a new build or a retro-fit for a home or a commercial project, our nationwide team of heat pump specialists are on hand to support and guide you through the entire process. Speak to one of our specialists about our range of products today or download our product price list.
All our products are built with the highest quality components

Our Product in Brief

  • Large product range 8kw – 150kw with wide operating range from -25°c-90°
  • Plant size up to 1.5 MW with full modulation.
  • Easy integration with exiting systems making it perfect for new builds or retrofit.
  • Grid friendly product certification; 25kW heating power on a single phase supply means no expensive electrical upgrades.
  • Compact and tidy plant room.
  • Includes features and functions for all heating, hot water and cooling needs.
  • Manufactured using leading branded components including Honeywell, Copeland Scoll, Alfa Laval, Carell, Wilo & Danfoss.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Wide range of accessories for hydronic applications from Sondex, Alfa Laval and KSB.
  • Industry Specific control, Modbus RS485 interface available.

Energy Efficiency

  • Market leading ErP A+++ rated.
  • I kilowatt of electricity can produce up to 5 kilowatts of heat. Tested by Austrian Institute of Technology.
  • 25kW heat pump power from standard single-phase supply.
  • Energy efficency monitor built in.
  • Co2 neutral renewable energy source.
  • PV system integration for optimised savings SG ready interface.
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Easy Installation & Service

  • All branded components are pre-assembled into the unit for easy installation.
  • Housing unit provides easy access for service and maintenance.
  • Simple commissioning.
  • Service friendly product, perfect access to all key components even in confined plant room installations.
Installers and Engineers


  • Robust control software which protects the product and provides service notifications.
  • Straight forward user interface.
  • Diagnostic information for service and support is available online/remote and on-site.
  • BMS integration with BMS logic interface and full control and visualisation capabilities.
  • Monitoring and transparent logging of key performance indicators SPF/CoP/Power.


Low Noise

  • Incorporates the latest advances in acoustic insulation.
  • Vibration free operation with perfectly tested products.
  • Smart operation modes with night mode for speed reduction.

Warranties & Accreditations

  • All parts carry a 2-year manufacturers’ warranty.
  • 7 year Clausius warranty* for peace of mind.
  • Clausius build their products based on a module concept, all parts are individually replaceable.

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